Web design isn’t a simple matter of learning to combine a few HTML codes and color codes especially if you are a beginner to the web. If you’re planning to start an online business and setting up your own web site to sell your products or services then a the best place to start is to learn web design.

Having a web site that looks professional, polished and complete is of great importance in reaching out to new customers and maintaining customer assurance with your regular clientele. Instead of spending a lifetime trying to learn web site design, it pays to invest your time and some money to simple tools and resources to quicken your learning and help you putting to practice your newly acquired web design skills.

There are many online tools that offer add-ons and extensions to help you in practicing web design. Some of these resources also give you quick access to colors found on the net. For example, a color-picker can help you find the color code for any area on a page that you might be looking at. Not only that, it can also help you find complementary colors.

It will also help when you learn web page design to utilize a DOM inspector to view the structure of any web page you view. This will help you in developing your own site, especially if you use the example of sites that you personally like and think are suitable for your own business.

Another resource that will help you learn website design is a validation tool. This tool helps you to make sure that your web pages will be viewed in all browsers in the way you’ve created. This is because not all browsers will display your web pages in the same way. Checking that your codes are right and that all your links are working is therefore very important.

There are lots more tools, resources, add-ons and extensions that you can find on the Internet to help you with designing your own web site. Remember that professional designers also use shortcuts and tools like these every day. It certainly helps you learn web design with greater ease when you practice with the right tools and resources.


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