If you’ve just started your Internet business, you might find it challenging to design a web site for your company especially if you’re new to web page design and are short on time to start learning the ropes from scratch. Keep in mind that when you design a web site, you want something that is not only appealing and accessible to your customers, but also easily found by search engines. It is of vital importance that you reach out to current and potential customers.

Here are some tips when you start designing a web site. Using Flash to design web page can make it very appealing to the viewer as it encourages interactivity as well as provides entertainment value for your site or page. However, take note that a search engine crawler would not be able to read a Flash page so using this tool will help in viewer appeal but not in search engine appeal. This might affect the growth to your web traffic. One suggestion to counter this problem is to include some Flash when you design a web site but make sure that the main bulk of the content isn’t Flash-heavy.

Another application that search crawlers will not be able to read is Java-script. This is because crawlers cannot execute lines of code that Java-script uses. Try instead to limit the amount of scripting that the crawler needs to navigate your web page. If you still want to use scripting then make sure that you also include some form of HTML navigation.

Two other applications that may jeopardize your search engine ranking for your web site are dynamic URLs and image maps. Using dynamic URLs when designing a web site have the same effect on search engines as using Java-script. Dynamic URLs are generally used for web sites that are database-heavy or script-heavy. Image maps on the other hand present great difficulties for search crawlers and will not be able to give an accurate report of your site to the search engine. Again, using HTML navigation is the safest and surest way to go.

The trick when you design web site is to marry the balance between easy navigation for both your users and search crawlers. Once you’ve mastered that, then you are on your way to a solid Internet business foundation.


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