No Setup Fee!

There is no setup fee, which many web hosts are charging, for creating a new virtual hosting account with us. This could help you save from a few dollars to more than twenty dollars for a start!

Comprehensive Control Panel

Our web-based control panel is where you go to access and control every aspect of the administrative tasks required to maintain your virtual hosting account. It is very flexible and specially tailored to enable you to easily add, remove, and edit services such as email, mailing lists, web pages, and more!

Disk Storage

Each hosting account comes with a different amount of disk storage space allocated according to the hosting plan you have paid for. The sum of all the web pages on your website (excluding log files), email, and all your databases constitute your total disk space usage. We do allow you to use more than the amount of disk space allocated to you, but you will be charged at the rate specified on our Service Plans page for the excess usage. If you found yourself using more disk space than what has been allocated to you consistently, we would advise you to upgrade your hosting plan. That could save you a lot of money than paying for the excess disk space being used each month!

Transfer Bandwidth

Each virtual hosting plan comes with a different amount of free transfer bandwidth per month, as well as a cost for any extra transfer over that. Bandwidth transfer on your hosting account includes ftp upload/download, sending/receiving of emails, accessing of web pages, database, etc. We suggest you enable the use of anonymous FTP account (if available on your account) with care as it could consume all your allocated bandwidth very quickly.


A subdomain looks like this: Each of the subdomains in your account can be pointed to a different folder in your web space, allowing you to host an unlimited number of different mini-sites in your account. In fact, you can even point the subdomains to any external web site address.

Custom DNS Records

You may create additional custom DNS records for your domain name, on top of the default DNS records created by our control panel. The DNS Record Types supported include A Record, MX Record & CNAME.

Domain Aliasing

Domain aliasing, or domain stacking, is creating additional domain names that would point to the IP of a different domain. For example, if your domain name is, you can register another domain name, e.g. and have it point to the location of This means, every Internet user who goes to will land in

FTP Access

Every virtual host account holder may update their web site 24 hours a day, every day, via FTP. It is a way to copy files from your computer up to your directory on our web server. In this way, you will be able to add or edit files on your web site at any time that is convenient for you. Whenever you upload new file to your website, the changes show up immediately on your live site (you may have to reload the page in your browser in some cases). There is no restriction as to how often you can upload/download files on your hosting account.

Virtual FTP Account

Virtual FTP allows you to give your authorized Virtual FTP users access to more than one directory and specify a different set of permissions for each directory. Due to the requirement of dedicated IP for Virtual FTP access, this feature is only available for hosting plans with dedicated IP address (ie. Silver plans and above).

Anonymous FTP

This feature allows you to give public FTP access to a dedicated directory in your account. A special directory is created in your account, and its content can be viewed and downloaded, but not uploaded unless you have enabled it.

Web-based File Manager

The Webshell program on the control panel is a powerful tool that allows you to visually manage all your web files easily. You’re able to create, delete and move your files around. You can also use it to upload files from your computer to your website without using FTP; and if you need to quickly fix a web page, you can even edit your HTML files on screen.

Dedicated IP Address

This allows you access to your account via FTP, SSH, and the browser, from any location at any time by simply using your domain name or its Dedicated IP address. Dedicated IP is required for Virtual FTP Accounts and Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Direct Shell Access (SSH)

We provide free SSH access to your hosting account on our server upon request. There is no extra charge for shell access. SSH provides you with secure access to a Unix system shell from which you can directly edit the files in your directory. For security reason, this feature is not turned on by default, and will be enabled only upon request.

Unlimited Email Forwarding

You may setup as many email forwarding address as you like with any of the virtual hosting plan offered by Active-Venture. These addresses are configured through our control panel and can be forwarded to your account’s mailbox or to an external email address. Each email address can also be set to forward to any number of other addresses and mailboxes.

Unlimited Auto-responders

All Active-Venture hosting plans come with unlimited email auto-responders. You have the option to turn on an automatic response email for each of your email addresses. If you have one turned on, every time somebody sends an email to that address they’ll immediately get a reply email with a predefined message from you. You can use auto-responders to thank your potential customers for contacting you, to let friends and associates know that you are away on vacation and much more. You can enable or disable the auto-responders at any time through our control panel.

POP3 Email Accounts

Each virtual hosting plan comes with a specific number of POP3 mail accounts. They are different from email forwarding addresses in that all email sent to these accounts will be stored on our mail server. An email forwarding address will just simply forwards the email to a different account or address of your choice and the mail will not be stored on our server. You may also use the POP3 mail accounts to send and receive email. You can connect to your mail accounts to check your email via IMAP, POP3, or web-based email access.


is one of the ways you can access email in your mail account hosted with us. Most email clients in existence today support the IMAP protocol, which basically reads your email directly from the server rather than downloading it to your local computer. This is good for keeping your mail organized on a centralized server and serves as a convenient way to access your email from different computers. However, you will need to keep your Internet connection active while you read all your email. It will also consume a lot of the disk space allocated to your hosting account, since all your email saved on our server will count towards your total disk usage.

Web-Based Email Access

Active-Venture provides you an easy way to access to your email accounts from anywhere through our web-based mail account, as long as you have access to the Internet and a web browser. It has all of the functionalities needed for a web based email client, including MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation. You can compose, send, and check email on your email accounts directly from the web at any time. Our web-based mail account works with almost any browser, from any type of internet connection. All you need to access the account is your email address and password.

Catch-All Email Account

You can define a catch-all email account that will accept any mail sent to an email address at your domain name that is not currently specified. For example, if you have an email address such as,, and someone accidentally sends mail to, this email will not be lost or bounced back. Instead it will be automatically delivered to your catch-all account to help save you from losing important messages! You can enable or disable any of your email account as the catch-all account from the control panel.

Anti-Virus Email Filtering

Our anti-virus email filtering system checks incoming mail for viruses and if detects any, would sends email notification about it and deletes the virus-infected mail. You can enable anti-virus resource for all domains in your account, for specific domain only and for selected mail accounts.

Anti-Spam Email Filtering

You may use our anti-spam email filtering to trace, filter out and delete spam messages coming to your mailbox. The system doesn’t delete messages recognized as spam. It only marks them as spam and delivers them in a regular way so that you can review them before deciding to delete them or keep the mails.

Mailing List Manager (EZMLM)

We have pre-installed the ezMLM mailing list for all of our virtual hosting plans. You will be able to easily create various types of mailing lists such as announcement lists or discussions lists through the mailing list manager. You may setup the mailing list so that only you can send messages out to your subscribers or in such a way that you and your subscribers can send email to each other, much like a message forum.

Email Aliases

Email aliases are alternative addresses to existing mail boxes on the same domain name. Messages sent to an email alias are delivered to the primary mail box. You may assign an email alias to multiple mail boxes on your account.

Free Shopping Cart (osCommerce)

We are providing a free shopping cart software, osCommerce, for every hosting plans. Its feature packed out-of-the-box installation allows you to setup, run, and maintain your online stores with minimum effort and with no costs involved.

Password Protected Directories

You can setup password protection on any specific directory within your website through our control panel. This can be used to setup “members only” sections on your site, or to protect private content to a specific group of people.

Perl 5 Support

Perl is a high-level programming language. It is most commonly used for writing CGI scripts. On our servers, Perl is located at /usr/bin/perl. To make sure your perl script gets run from the web as a script you should name it with a .pl or .cgi extension.

PHP 4 Support

PHP is a relatively new programming language that was designed for creating interactive, dynamic web pages, especially ones that interact with a MySQL database in the back-end. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just as standard HTML pages and you can create and edit them in the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. PHP is a language that gets things done without having to utilize many scripts to accomplish the tasks. To make sure your PHP script gets run from the web as a script you should name it with a .php, .php3, .php4, or .phtml extension.


Python is another programming language (like Perl and PHP) that is popular for writing CGI scripts. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, or Java. On our servers, python is located at /usr/bin/python. To make sure your python script gets run from the web as a script you should name it with a .py or .cgi extension.

CGI Support

CGI is what allows your site to have any sort of “programming” element to it, rather than just being a collection of static pages. CGI scripts can be written in just about any programming language (Perl, Python, C, C++, Java, etc.). There are thousands of ready made CGI scripts out there you can get and install on your site, and we even provide a few standard ones. To run a file as a CGI on your site, it can be placed anywhere as long as it has a .cgi, .pl or .py extension.

Pre-installed CGI Scripts

There are a number of common CGI scripts that are used on many web sites. Rather then having to install these scripts yourself, we did it for you automatically when your account is created. This enables you to simply add a few lines of code to your web page without having to worry about the scripting side of things. Some examples of scripts we currently have installed in our library are: Extropia’s WebBBS, WebChat, Counter, FormMail.

Server Side Includes (SSI) Support

All virtual hosting plans allow access to SSI (Server Side Includes). SSI allows you to insert dynamic content into your web pages on the server-side. You can insert things like the current time, last time this file was updated, or another file right into your HTML file without having to really write any code. In order for SSI commands to be interpreted by our server, you have to name the file with a .shtml extension.

Crontab Support

Cron is a unix program that allows you to run a command at recurring time intervals. We allow any one to use these cron jobs for whatever they’d like as long as it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service or cause undue load on your web server. The primary purpose of the web server is to serve web pages, so typically cron jobs are considered of secondary importance. But as long as their footprint is minimal, cron jobs are fine and acceptable.

Custom MIME Support

MIME types help the web server map certain file types to certain file extensions. Through our web-based control panel, you can define custom MIME types for your website and configure custom file extensions.

Custom Error Pages

You can quickly and easily design or redirect your visitors to a custom error pages for your website so that they won’t see the plain “404 not found” error page if they follow a broken link. You are allowed to define custom error pages for virtually any error codes. The custom error page editor can be accessed through the hosting control panel.

MySQL and PostgreSQL Hosting

MySQL and PostgreSQL are open-source SQL (Standard Query Language) databases that are fast and fairly reliable. All virtual hosting plans come with a specific number of free MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. Your databases’ disk usage count towards the total disk allocation for your hosting plan.

Web-based Database Tools

You may create and manage your SQL databases using the online database tools (phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin) on the control panel. Currently it can create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, etc.

Realaudio / Video

All virtual hosting plans include support for “http-streaming” of real audio and video. This basically means you can link to .rm files and they will stream to customers who have RealPlayer installed on their computer. You will of course need to encode your real audio/video files as real media first before you can do this.

Daily Access Statistics

You will receive detailed graphical statistics about your web site that are updated every day. It will show you useful information such as: Who is visiting your site and which page? How many visits is your site receiving each hour, day, week, month, year? What domain or site are the visitors coming from? What keywords were used in the search engines? You can also download your raw log files and run whatever statistics program you’d like on them.

Daily data backup

We keep extensive back-ups of data for each virtual hosting account. However, we do recommend you always keep your own copy of your entire web site at a remote location as well. Our hosting servers are configured with RAID disk array and hot-swappable so if any disk fails no data is lost, and we can replace the disk without any interruption of service.

Access to Raw Log Files

You have full access to the raw log files within your account. You may download them and use another program to analyze the trend of visitors to your website, or to view your script error logs to help fix bugs in scripts you’ve installed on your account.

Free Secure Certificate Setup

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) creates a secure connection between your website and your visitors to ensure that sensitive data being exchanged cannot be intercepted and abused by third parties. SSL works by using a private key to encrypt data that is transmitted over the SSL connection. Because it requires a dedicated IP address for its operation, it only comes with Silver hosting plan and above. Once you have obtained your own SSL certificate, you can upload it easily from our control panel.

Web-based Site Design Software (Site Studio)

Our Site Studio web-based site design software provides a wizard-like program structure that will guide you through the whole site-construction process step by step. You can juggle around with page layouts, colors, themes, add various effect and much, much more, everything with just a few mouse clicks! Within a half hour you can have your site created and published on the Internet!

Free Upgrades or Downgrades

You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at any time without incurring any additional fees or causing any downtime with your account. The entire process is completely automatic and pain-free from our control panel. We want to be sure your hosting plan fits your needs and budget at all times.

99.5% Uptime Guarantee

At Active-Venture, we want to provide you with an efficient and reliable service for your website. If the server your account resides on is down for more than 0.5% of the total time in a month (approximately 3.6 hours in total), without a posted notice, we will refund you 5% of your paid fee for the current month per hour of downtime over. We will automatically, without question, apply the uptime credit when our servers have not successfully delivered your web site for at least 99.5% of the month. Please see our uptime guarantee page for more details.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Active-Venture is proud to offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all of our hosting plans! If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason and you make the request for your account to be canceled within 30 days of the order, you qualify for a refund from us! Please note that paid fees for Additional Services will not be refunded. For more information please click here.