Setting up an online payment system for your Internet business is essential if you are selling products or services online. Jumping on the ecommerce bandwagon means that apart from setting up your web site and embarking on your Internet marketing campaigns, you must also service your customers and provide them with quality, reliability, convenience and security when purchasing your wares.

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In order to receive payment over the Internet, you must first set up an online payment system where customers will be able to pay for your products or services using a credit card or other alternative online modes of payment like PayPal for example.

An online payment system takes a little bit of planning and time to set up. How simple or complex your system will depend very much on the volume of transactions you process daily for your business.

Applying for a merchant account is a popular method for an online payment system as this offers the most efficient and the quickest service for managing your transactions both for your business as well as for your customers. For this, you will need to make your applications to suitable merchant account providers. These could be financial institutions or other credible online account providers; the choice is yours.

Another easy option is to employ the services of a payment bureau. These bureaus act to collect and process all credit card transactions on your company’s behalf. However, using this service to manage your online payment system might mean that you have to pay slightly higher rates per transaction processed.

If you take the time to look around, you will find other online payment service providers that will be able to help you set up your online payment system. Some may even be able to offer you customized solutions according to the priorities you place on your business when setting this up. For example, some business may value security over speed, while others may place importance on reliability and low-cost of management.


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