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Many different companies now offer online paying surveys, but do all of them really pay you the amount promised? Or do they just use the payment to entice you, and leave you with no payment after they get the information they require? With the vast number of these companies now online, it could be either.

There are just as many online survey sites that pay, as there are sites that are nothing but scams. But either way, doing some homework and research before signing up with any survey site, will help in differentiating between scams and genuine sites.

Verifying the site's email address and customer service response can be a quick and easy way of judging the authenticity of the site. If they fail to reply, or have an invalid email address, then there might be something questionable with the management of the site.

Also, you might want to try to find out how long the site has been running, how long the company has been around, when it's established, etc. A new company does not necessarily suggest that it is a scam, and neither does a well established company guarantee to send you payment. However, it does help you have a better feel for the sort of company you will be dealing with; giving you more confidence in entrusting your personal information with them.

Most people used paid-for directories available on the Internet. These directories assist you in giving you different sites, and the feedback that it has received. Also, some companies might require you to come up with cash up front, however it is obvious that these sites are just out to make a quick dollar.

The directories can be risky as well. While you are attempting to purchase one, you will need to look out for a privacy policy somewhere on the website. This is because if the survey site doesn't have one, they could attempt to sell your information.

Apart from that, you should do well in your search for online paying surveys if you take the time to evaluate each of them carefully.


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