Choosing and setting up a merchant account may be one of the most important things you do to establish your business long-term. With the countless number of merchant account providers, you may be spoilt for choice, however, not every account provider will be able to suit your business needs, be they in terms of service, function or financial.

Setting up a merchant account should therefore never be done on impulse. Time must be taken to find the right account provider that you are not only comfortable with but one that can also provide you with the functions you need at a budget that you can afford. Credibility and reliability should occupy your top priorities when searching for that ‘perfect’ merchant account provider.

An ideal merchant account provider should at least provide you with the ability to process major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard; even better if your provider is able to process American Express, Discover and other popular credit cards. Choosing a provider who has a good reputation will give you the assurance of efficiency and reliability when setting up a merchant account. A provider should be one who will be able to service your business in the long run. You don’t want to run into the inconvenience and ordeal of having to change merchant account providers.

In your search for a merchant account provider, be mindful of the hidden costs incurred when setting up a merchant account. Providers that charge overly high fees may not always necessarily provide you with the best and most reliable services while discounted providers may not charge you a great deal for setting up a merchant account but may be very limited in their ‘discounted’ services and the low cost may indicate a low reputation.

If you do your research thoroughly and make it a point to look out for these tips when selecting a good merchant account provider, you shouldn’t experience too much difficulty in setting up a merchant account for your expanding business.


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