Many online business owners think that setting up a Visa/MasterCard merchant account will set their business up for increased volume of sales. However, if you are truly serious about your business then it is imperative to take things a little further.

If you’re recording monthly sales of at least a few hundred dollars or if you are offering multiple products or services, then you might want to consider offering a shopping cart system to help facilitate an even smoother transaction experience for your customers. Not every business will benefit from using a shopping cart system so do use your discretion when deciding to implement functions to complement your Visa/MasterCard merchant account. Providing an online catalogue will also help your customers view your products as well as see exactly what they want to purchase from you.

In expanding your business to international customers, you may want to seriously consider offering more than one credit card (Visa or MasterCard) payment option. Giving your customers the flexibility to choose from a variety of credit card payments – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc – will certainly help you reach out to a wider net of customers. This however, might call for you to set up multiple merchant accounts instead of just the Visa/MasterCard merchant account and will cost you a little more to maintain your multiple accounts.

Any serious business owner will know that offering and maintaining a merchant account is not enough to help you generate targeted clientele. In addition to setting up a Visa/MasterCard merchant account or multiple accounts (if you choose to do so), developing a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign cannot be done without. Promoting your website can be done at little cost or on a more elaborate scale, depending on your budget. No matter what, it will definitely give your web site much-needed exposure.


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