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Site Studio - User Guide

Configuring Site Settings

Click the category you need help with:

Note: When available, use the navigation buttons inside the browser window. For some pages, your browser's Back and Forward buttons will not work correctly. If a page fails to load, or does not reflect last changes, click your browser's Reload or Refresh button to update the page.

Website Category

SiteStudio allows creating websites in two categories: Personal and Small Business. Each category serves its own purpose. A site in each category constitutes of a series of pages, each devoted to a separate topic, article or resource. Site Studio offers you a set of templates for all common pages.

In the Small Business category you can create a site representing your company or business. It's a good mean of telling about the history of your company, listing the services you render or products/goods you sell. Here you can also create your own online store, look for new employers and more.

In the Personal category you can create a site for your fiends, school-mates and relatives. You can tell about yourself, your background, hobbies, share funny stories and show your photographs. Here you can also post your resume for potential employers and even more.

To select a website category:

  1. Click (highlight) the category that corresponds to the kind of web site you want to build.
  2. Click Next to proceed with creating of your web site.

You will be brought to the Select Website Color and Style page.

Attention: Once you begin to create your site you may not change the website category!!! To change the category, you will have to start anew, which will delete ALL PREVIOUSLY SAVED SITES.

Website Color & Style

Choosing a correct layout is crucial for the success of your web site, as it will determine the look of every page. Site Studio is equipped with a number of pre-designed Overall Site Layouts. Go through the list in the upper left box by mouse-clicking each item or using cursor keys on your keyboard. Sample pages will be shown in the preview window on the right. Stop on the one that will best suit the contents of your site.

Then, select a color scheme in the lower box. It will only affect the menu bar; colors for every individual page are set at a later stage (see Standard Settings Tab).

You can change your layout and color scheme any time in the future without losing any information whatsoever, even when the construction of the site is complete.


Selecting Site Layout

The checkbox allows you to apply selected layout and color scheme to all pages on your site. It comes checked by default. If you uncheck it, the layout and color settings will only affect the pages you create after applying these changes; the pages you created before will remain unchanged. Changing this option doesn't affect your settings in any way, if you are only beginning to create your site.

After you select the layout and color settings, click Next to move on.

Global Settings

Web readers often want or need to contact the person who created and maintains the web site. Global Settings form requires you to enter basic information that will help identifying the site and its author after it is published.

Global Settings are different for Business and Personal category of websites.

For Personal category: enter your full name, email address, website name. Also enter keywords and description of the website into the message boxes.

For Business category: enter your corporate email address, firm (company) name, logo image, slogan line, street address1,nd street address2, the name of your city, state, zip, phone and fax numbers.

In the Search Engine Keywords box enter the words or word combinations that distinguish your site from all other sites on the Internet. They will be helpful when somebody tries to find your site with a search engine. Think of the words that would be most characteristic of your site.

In the Search Engine Description box enter a short description of your site, like an answer to the question: What is it about? If an Internet user finds your site with a search engine, this description will show right under the site name.

At this point, you are done with general site settings. Click the Next button to configure individual pages.

Website Theme / Effects

Add themes and special effects! Make snowflakes fall down in the browser, add logos that stay put as the user scrolls, and tons of other cool features, all with easy point and click selection.

There are several check boxes to indicate and select the theme (javascript effects) that you can see on your web page. Use pull-down menu for selection. Then, click Next to preview.

Falling Things:

  • Snowthe snowflakes will fall on your screen;
  • Snow 1 - just the same action but another type of snowflakes;
  • Leaves - the leaves will fall and fly on your screen;
  • Angels - the same actions but Angels (instead of leaves) will fall on your screen.

Items. Please use pull-down menu to select the number of snowflakes (leaves).

Theme 1. Here you can include the "Top down curtain" effect. Try not to include too many effects.


Cursor pointer. Here you can select:

  • Cursor text. The name of the web page will trail the cursor.
  • Colorful tail. The colorful tail will follow the cursor.

    Site logo. Specify where you want to place the Logo image.

    Logo duration. Specify how long you want the Logo to show on the page after it is loaded.


    Alt text. Enter the tooltip texta brief message that will pop up next to the cursor when it stops over the Logo image.

    Load/Save Website

    You can save up to five different versions of your site. Make sure the names you enter reflect changes between versions.

    Attention: Before retrieving a previously saved website, save your work! If you don't save your current project, you will lose it. SiteStudio can work with only one site at a time.

    Warning: Starting over will delete ALL PREVIOUSLY SAVED SITES. To start a completely new site, you need to register as a new user.

    Note: Saving your web site will not publish it. To publish your site, click the publish link at the upper left-hand corner on the menu panel.

    Start Over

    Scrap all your pages with one click, and begin designing anew. Use this option only if you are completely sure. There will be no way to get back your current pages if you start over.

    This option allows you to delete all your web pages with ONE click and start to design from the beginning. Warning: You will lose your current site as well as ALL PREVIOUSLY SAVED SITES. Don't use this function if you are not strongly sure!

    Refresh Images

    You would need to refresh images in the following cases:

    • If ImageMaker has generated images incorrectly or there were some errors while generating.
    • If your provider moved a user account from one box to another and refreshing helps to correct paths to images.

    To refresh images, go to the Site Settings menu and click Refresh Images.

    Change Language

    SiteStudio offers 2 interface languages to work with: Russian and English. To change language:

    1. In the Site Settings menu click the Change Language link.
    2. Simply choose necessary language from the drop-down box. Interface language will change right away.

    Keep in mind that if your website contains any pages, change of language can corrupt these pages. Therefore, you need to Start Over or delete all pages to change the language correctly.

    Edit Security Info

    You can make your site open to general public or closed (secure). Warning: Do not edit this information if you are not sure what you are doing. You could end up blocking all visitors to your site and nobody will be able to view your site, including yourself!

    To secure specific webpages, you should:

    1. Configure access groups and users in the Site Settings menu.
    2. Secure individual pages in the Page Settings tab of the specific page.

    To configure users or user groups authorized to access your secure site, click the Edit sec. info link in Site Settings:

    1. In the Add Users section click the Add button.
    2. In the form that appears, enter User Name, user Password and user Full Name.
    3. Click Next to proceed.
    4. In the Add Groups section click the Add button.
    5. In the form that appears, enter Group Name and choose the users to be assigned to this group.
    6. Click Next to proceed.
      Note: You can delete, edit and change the order of users and groups using the corresponding manipulation buttons.

    To secure individual pages, go to Page Settings tab (see Page Settings help section for details).

    Edit Info for Search Engines

    SiteStudio allows to edit description to robots.txt file. This file is used all over the world by search engines to find the match to the search request. Search engine robots check robots.txt file, which is a plain text file, in the root of each server.

    Robots.txt implements the Robots Exclusion Protocol, which allows the web site administrator to define what parts of the site are off-limits to specific robot user agent names.

    You can leave the following indexing information to the search engines:

    • Allow all: allows all robots (spiders) to index your site.
    • Deny all: denies indexing your site by robots (spiders).
    • Pages to deny: this option allows to deny indexing pages by robots.
      If it's the case, go to the "Settings page" of the page you want to deny and select the option "Deny indexing this page by robots(spiders)"
    • Allow all known: allows only known robots to index your site.
      Here you can also add Additional files or directories to deny. Just enter the file or directory name into the input box.
    • Your own robots file: here you can specify your own robots.txt file.
      If it's the case, enter robots.txt data into the input box. You can also add Additional files or directories to deny. Just enter the file or directory name into the input box.

      Make sure to click Next to proceed.

    Note: you can edit, delete and change the order of file and directory names that are to be denied.





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