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Configuring Netscape Mail

To configure your Netscape Mail or any other email client, you need to know your POP3 and SMTP server address. To find out these information:

  • Log in to the hosting control panel;
  • Click on the Mail Service icon on your control panel home page.

Our mail servers are configured with two SMTP relay methods for sending mail - POP before SMTP or SMTP AUTH. In POP before SMTP, the mail server collects your IP address when you authenticate yourself with the POP server, and then permits SMTP relaying from that IP address for a short period of time. In other word, if you use POP before SMTP to send email, you need to check/download your mail first, only then you can send your messages. If you are using SMTP AUTH, you must configure your Outlook Express to send a login name and password not only when you receive mail, but also when you send it. You may follow the steps below to configure Outlook Express for one of the above SMTP relay methods:

- Configuring Netscape Mail for POP before SMTP relay
- Configuring Netscape Mail for SMTP Auth relay


Configuring Netscape Mail for POP before SMTP relay

To configure this email client with the POP before SMTP relay:

  1. Open Netscape Mail.

    Note: Netscape users may experience problems when downloading their mail. In this case, mail account login name must be written with the % character instead of the @ sign, e.g. username%example.com

    In the top menu bar, select Preferences from the Edit drop-down menu.

  2. Click Mail and Newsgroups in the left menu and select Identity. On the page that appears:
    • enter your name as the following example shows;
    • enter the email address of the account you're setting up;
    • enter the reply email address (if you wish to receive the reply at a different email address).

  3. Select Mail Servers from the left menu and click the Add button next to the Incoming Mail Servers field.

  1. On the dialog window that follows, choose the General tab and fill in the form:
    • Enter the mail server address of your account in Server Name box
    • Choose POP as the Server Type
    • Enter the your name in the User Name box
    • Select Remember password if you want to login to your mail account without having to enter a password every time
    • Optionally, select Check for mail every specified period of time

  2. Select the POP tab to choose different Incoming Mail options.

  3. Click OK to save settings.
  4. Back on the Mail Servers page, enter the Outgoing Mail Server info:
    • Enter the mail server address of your mail account in Outgoing Mail Server box;
    • Enter the username of this mail account (make sure to type full email address in this field) in the User Name box.

  1. Click OK to save settings.

Now your Netscape Mail is configured and you can begin to send and receive email with it.


Configuring Netscape Mail for SMTP Auth relay

  1. Repeat steps 1-8 from the instructions above
  2. Under the "Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or TLS for outgoing messages", select Always.

  1. Click OK to save settings.






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