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Teach Yourself How To Play the Violin At Home

There is no question that the violin is one of the most versatile, transportable, and beautiful sounding instruments in the world. You may have dreamed of learning how to play the violin yourself. You may even have taken a few violin lessons as a child, but you just don’t have the time or money to enroll in classes to get you started.

DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM! You have options that will help you realize your dream and bless your family and friends with beautiful music!


Depending on your time, experience, and natural talent, you can set a pace for yourself that cannot be mimicked in a typical music lesson. By using online resources, video training courses, audio CDs of various violinists playing different styles of violin, and videos of violinist, you can find the style that is ideal for you and cater your lessons specifically to that style.

If you are not 100% sure that the violin will be the ideal instrument for you to learn, you might consider borrowing or renting a violin to get you started. Once you have established that you want to pursue mastering the art of playing the violin, you can purchase one. There are a wide variety of violins that fall in a broad price range. A standard violin can produce music as beautiful as a Stradivarius when it is played by a skilled violinist, so do not be tempted to go out and buy the very best. It might be worth your trouble to keep an eye on violins available through Craigslist or eBay.

If you are going to be teaching yourself violin, help yourself out by investing in a digital tuner. This will ensure that you are always practicing on a well-tuned instrument and aid greatly in your success.

Once you have your violin, bow, and tuner, you are ready to get started on learning to play violin. It is best to begin by familiarizing yourself with the correct posture and position in which to sit and hold your instrument. Look at various illustrations and videos to ensure that you are starting in the most correct stance. It is easier to learn correct posture at the beginning that trying to correct your posture later. You should occasionally recheck your posture by comparing how you look in the mirror with the stance given in the instructional materials.

Once you have the posture set, then start plucking the strings with your fingers, so you will know just how they should sound. As the sound of the strings becomes ingrained in your mind, you will want to add the sound of the bow as it resonates against each string. Through these simple exercises, you will immediately begin to feel the music within you want to come out. It is now time to get serious about your lessons!

Because this is a self-paced project, you will have no one expecting you to show up at violin lessons or practice. If you are serious, then you need to make and keep appointments with yourself for both knowledge and skill development lessons and regular practice time. No matter how busy you get, try to spend at least five to ten minutes a day practicing your violin. That is by no means sufficient practice time, it is just imperative to your rapid success that the violin become a part of your everyday life.

Best wishes for a complete musical experience as you develop a deeper love for such a beautiful instrument!




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