This is a special note to AOL users. If you are using an AOL email address for your domain order or enquiry, please ensure that you provide us with an alternate, non-AOL, email address. We have received a lot of reports from customers who could not receive our email on their AOL email address. This is not just a problem relating to our email. Many web host have experienced such problem too. There is a big flaw in AOL's mail system and they could not be bothered to do anything about it. You could read about some of the discussions on this issue here:

Please note that you may not receive our confirmation email or any important email from us if you decide to use an AOL email address alone. We cannot guarantee that our email will reach you since we do not have control over AOL's mail system. If the only email address you have is from AOL, then you may want to register for free email account from services such as,,, etc. We just want to make sure that you will receive the confirmation email for  your domain order or our reply to your enquiry.